Self Care One-on-One and Retail Products

Need a little one-on-one guidance with foam rolling or using tennis or lacrosse balls when a physical massage appointment isn't possible? Consider a Zoom one-on-one session with me




CBD Products:

Roll-On Massage Gel 

Blue Heat Roll-on Muscle massage is so convenient, you can carry it everywhere. Soothe your achy muscles by rolling it onto problematic areas.

To purchase yours, use this link


Handheld Massage Guns for Muscle Relief

Intended for pre/post workouts, this gun will improve your fitness by warming up the muscles prior to exercise to help prevent injury and after exercise for muscle recovery. Cordless, lightweight and easy to use by yourself. To get yours,  visit this link:                                


Trigger Point Foam Roller

Intended for use as a self-myofascial release technique. It can help relieve muscle tightness, soreness and inflammation, as well as increase your range of motion. To get one of my favorites, click this image: 

Massage Fascia Stick Roller

When used as a "cool-down", the massage stick helps to flush and cool down muscles. This one would serve the calves or smaller muscles better. You can get yours here:      

Massage Ball Kit and Thera Cane

Used for Myofascial Trigger Point Release and Deep Tissue Massage